I'll call this my story:  My name is Cindy Kollar and I have loved baking since I was 4 years old in my grandmother's kitchen in Chicago.  I became a type 1 diabetic in 1975, and all of a sudden, my favorite foods suddenly became off-limits.  All of the type 1 diabetics I know loved to bake because it was the best way to "cheat" and get a taste of the foods we were forbidden to eat.  I dealt with this restriction of not being able to eat my favorite foods:  namely, pizza, cheesecake, cookies, and cakes, most of my life.   

I started eating low-carb in 2011 under doctor's orders to improve my blood sugar A1C and overall health.  This new way of eating presented new challenges for me, trying new recipes to find baked foods that tasted good yet remained on my low carb plan.   I discovered Stevia and Erythritol, and Golden Flax Seed Meal through the cookbook, Trim Healthy Mama, written by two Christian sisters from Australia.  I was finally able to bake and enjoy my comfort foods without all the guilt and high blood sugars! 

After working at AT&T for about 30 years, I retired and returned to college.  About halfway through my Communications degree program, which turned out to be very integrated-marketing centric, we were told by the instructor to develop a fictitious company which we would use to complete the marketing tasks as part of the curriculum of the class.  By this time, I had come up with several fake companies and was fresh out of ideas.  The teacher said to me, "You're such a smart cookie: that should be part of your company name."  I wondered how she knew me after just meeting me that night, but went with the idea.  I had been baking for class dinners nearly every week so it seemed to fit.

Smart Cookie Baker was born.

I incorporated in 2015 after being urged by friends that this type of food was needed.  While I thought I was just baking for diabetics, I soon realized that there are so many people who can benefit from eating this way.  

My mission is to help others who wish to improve their health or suffer from diabetes, cancer, ADHD or other autism-related illnesses, seizures, arthritis, or other diseases that would benefit from a ketogenic, sugar-free, gluten-free, all natural, low-carb regimen.  

Welcome to Smart Cookie Baker!  Treat Yourself Well!

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