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Oh, my, you've waited a long time for KETO BROWNIES! Yes, you can have your brownie and eat it too! These wonderful, body-loving, comforting brownies are made with cocoa, real butter, walnuts, our baking blend mix of coconut flour, almond flour, certified gluten free oat fiber, and golden flax seed meal along with one special, stomach soothing ingredient: OKRA!! Ketogenic, sugar free, gluten free, all natural, non-GMO! We bring these delicious treats to you at only 3 net carbs per serving!

Brownie (3 net carbs per serving): Butter, cocoa powder, eggs, coconut oil, erythritol, okra, coffee, walnuts, coconut flour, gluten-free oat fiber, almond meal, golden flax seed meal, stevia, aluminum and gluten free baking powder, pure sea salt.

Trim Health Mama (THM): THM-S

Best kept refrigerated or frozen until ready to eat.

Brownie Nutrition Facts
Per Serving (1 brownie)
Calories 313
Total Fat (g) 30
Sat. Fat (g) 14
Trans. Fat (g) 0
Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 6
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 2
Cholesterol (mg) 63
Sodium (mg) 271
Carbs (g) 23
Fiber (g) 5
Sugars (g) (includes 0 g added sugar) 1
Sugar Alcohol (g) 15
Protein (g) 4
Potassium (mg) 81
Vitamin A 3%
Vitamin C 1%
Vitamin D 4%
Vitamin E 1%
Calcium 13%
Iron 6%
Magnesium 1%
Riboflavin (B2) 1%
Smart Cookie Baker Corp.
Baked in a dedicated gluten-free facility in Elgin, IL
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All foods in our store are keto-friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, soy-free*, sugar-free, non-GMO, high-protein, and all natural.

No white flours of any kind are used to prepare our bakery items.  


So Treat Yourself Well! 


(*organic soy lecithin can be found in the chocolate items)