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If you LOVE cheesecake but just don't have the patience to make it yourself, let us help you! We've developed a yummy, handheld version of that fabulous springform pan-made cheesecake with all the rich flavor and creaminess that you crave. And the special touch of a crust made with our Snickerdoodle cookies? Amazing! Treat yourself well and stay in ketosis with this fabulous cheesecake bar!

Snickerdoodle Cheesecake (4 net carbs per serving): Crust: Butter,almond flour, whole eggs, coconut oil, erythritol, Ceylon cinnamon, stevia, pure vanilla extract, baking soda, unsulphured molasses, pure sea salt.Filling:Cream cheese, eggs, erythritol, pure vanilla extract, stevia

CONTAINS: Dairy, Eggs, Tree Nuts


Best kept refrigerated or frozen until ready to eat.

Snickerdoodle Cheesecake
Per Serving -- Servings: 1
Calories 393
Total Fat (g) 36
Sat. Fat (g) 18
Trans. Fat (g) 0
Polyunsaturated Fat (g) 3
Monounsaturated Fat (g) 9
Sodium (mg) 341
Carbs (g) 21
Fiber (g) 17
Sugars (g) 1
Protein (g) 11
Potassium (mg) 4%
Vit A 10%
Vit C 0%
Calcium 12%
Iron 6%
Riboflavin 8%
Magnesium 16%
Copper 12%
Manganese 19%
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All foods in our store are keto-friendly, low-carb, gluten-free, soy-free*, sugar-free, non-GMO, high-protein, and all natural.

No white flours of any kind are used to prepare our bakery items.  


So Treat Yourself Well! 


(*organic soy lecithin can be found in the chocolate items)