A lady came back today after coming in last week. Said her blood sugar never even hit 150 after eating your food.  She bought 3 more bags of cookies.
70$ sale from Ohio!
Ohio? Did they drive in? Wow!

Grain-free?  Thank you for being in business!!

We ... have done a taste test and loved it all. I was really hopeful about the bread and was not disappointed.  I have been cooking the THM way for a few months now to help my husband get his blood sugar down but have yet to fine a bread recipe I have been successful at. I will be sharing with some of my co-workers as well. I will be placing a new order soon!! 

Always knew you'd do something great!

8/5/16, 2:48 pm

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The taste is outstanding!!!

A customer sent me this! Bought 3, very happy!


From Judson University 2016 Fall Graduation News (www.judsonu.edu):  

           In the morning exercise, Communications Management (School of Business and Professional Studies) graduate Cynthia Kollar of Elgin, Ill., was recognized with the Student Service Award – Adult Professional Studies Undergraduate, which recognizes the graduating adult student who has best exemplified sincerity and dedication to Christ, excellence in academic achievement and promotion of the goals and mission of Judson University.

          A class assignment sparked Kollar’s imagination and led her to start a new business called the Smart Cookie Baker. She retired from a successfully career in financial management and technology to launch this new enterprise. Her mission was to use her knowledge and experience in nutrition to provide a healthy alternative to people in need, or for those who want healthy food options. 

This was a fun attempt in October to get some free TV air time for Smart Cookie Baker.  

Larry Potash is a local news anchor and he eats low-carb. I sent him a goodie package and asked that he give me a shout out on the WGN Channel 9 Chicago morning news, but things just didn't work out.  

Here's our conversation, though.  It's fun to know that they are real people!