Isn’t gluten-free supposed to be good for you?

Gluten free can be the very first step into getting healthy, but beware: There’s a big trend to eat gluten-free these days.

Do you know that most gluten free breads and baked goods are loaded with empty calories from processed rice and other flours with little or no protein or nutrients?

Many gluten-free breads and processed foods may have even more carbs than regular foods! If you're concerned about your overall health, just focusing on gluten free will not do it.


Notice the order of rice flour, tapioca or potato starch (some say "modified!"), cane juice, maltodextrin, corn starch, or corn syrup. When you see these ingredients, you know you're not getting a healthy bread.

Unfortunately, these breads are popular and offer that "something's better than nothing" for

Naturally low-carb breads and baked goods will be made with almond flour, flax seed meal, coconut flour, and other high-protein, low-carb flours as their first few ingredients. If you can't find them on your grocer's shelf, check out the bread available in our online store at!online-store/gzt35.

Good health and blessings to you!

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