What’s on your cheese?

Gluten alert: Some pre-grated cheeses contain flour. Yes, in order to keep it from sticking together, manufacturer’s coat the grated cheese with products that they aren’t required to list as ingredients. I have heard most use potato starch, but because it’s not listed, it’s very hard to know for sure.

However, I know that some pre-grated cheeses not tested and labeled as "gluten free" are coated with SOMETHING that is potentially going to impact someone who is gluten-intolerant. How do I know this? Through my own experience, I had developed what the medical profession called a benign neuroma on my wrist.


What's a neuroma? It was basically a large, painful lump which shot nerve pain all the way up my arm if I tried to lift anything or use my hand. I went to see a specialist who x-rayed it and gave me the diagnosis. While discussing options, I told the doctor I had started eating pre-grated cheese and thought it might have something to do with the growth. He looked at me like I had two heads and asked “When do you want to schedule surgery?” I said that I would like to explore the option of grating my own cheese before I opt for a surgical procedure. Yikes!

I started buying blocks of cheese and grating my own. It took about 2 months but the neuroma was completely gone and to this day there’s no longer shooting pain whatsoever. I can pick up objects and have full strength restored. Today, with no surgery, I am cured.

Smart Cookie Baker is the result of all the foods that I personally can eat with type 1 diabetes (42 years) and other autoimmune diseases, such as hypo-thyroid disease and Celiac's disease. What I find amazing is that seemingly “safe” foods are not safe.

My Low Carb Personal Pizza Crust is made with cheese grated by hand and not pre-grated. As a result, it truly is a “safe” product for people who are intolerant of gluten. Check it out at Sweet Natalie’s Gluten Free Bakery in Geneva, Illinois (on 3rd and Franklin) and my online store at www.smartcookiebaker.com.

Treat yourself well!

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