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Fruitful Yield Store Front

“How’s Business?” Is what almost everyone asks when they see me. I’ll share with you what I tell them. I am now in 8 brick and mortar stores in addition to being online: Sweet Natalie’s in Geneva, 6 Fruitful Yields (Lombard, Elmhurst, Oswego, South Elgin, and Batavia), and Prisco’s in Aurora. One thing really cool about that is that the Lombard store was actually asking for my products because the other stores are talking and ​​customers are looking for them. Prisco's started that way as well -- because of YOU, our customers, asking these stores for Smart Cookie Baker products! I know that there are people out in those areas getting served and are happy to start feeling good about themselves and their health and energy. If your favorite store doesn't have any ketogenic items and you want them, talk to the store manager and give them our contact information. I'll be happy to work with them to get them started stocking our products.

What 30 Pounds Of Chocolate Chip Cookies Looks Like

I’m getting great reviews on my online store and people continue to tell me how much they LOVE the products. Check out the reviews on some of your favorites to see what others are saying. My breads are selling out every one to two weeks, even when I make 32 loaves at a time. I have had to double my production of chocolate chip cookies, making 60 half pound bags every two weeks. Snickerdoodles, Lemon Drops, and PB Chocolate cookies we’re making 1 ½ times the full amount, or 45-60 bags each.

Sweet Natalie's Gluten Free Bakery in Geneva
SCB Peanut Butter Buttons

Sweet Natalie’s sales are going strong and I’m selling out of pizza crusts, sandwich bread, and mini cakes constantly. We have our full line of products available at Sweet Natalie's: about 20 products including Peanut Butter Buttons (like Reese’s PB cups but sugar free, vegan, and Ketogenic), Wraps,

Croutons, Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix, all four kinds of cookies in half pound bags, single cookies, and four-pack samplers. We have Crackers, Carrot Cake, Pumpkin Spice Muffins, Cinnamon Muffins, Frosted Chocolate Cupcakes, and all three flavors of bread: Banana, Cinnamon, and Sandwich. You can check out the full list on the Product Info at a Glance.

GFAF Expo, Schaumburg, 2018

My mission is the same, and getting my food to the people who need it has had me meet some great people. I just completed two expos in April: the GFAF (Gluten Free Allergen Free) Expo in Schaumburg and the Crystal Ranch expo in St. Charles. I met so many of you there and really enjoyed our conversations! I was surprised yesterday when so many people said they recognized my products from the stores. One customer was telling me about this awesome pizza crust that she had that was low carb, made from cheese, and was a big hit with her family. She came by about an hour later and realized it was Smart Cookie Baker’s that she had had!

I think the neatest thing about this business growing is that I now have four part-time contractors helping me. Two bakers help me each Saturday for 3 to 5 hours, and I know this contributes to their families and their lives. I have an intern, Sarah, from Judson University. She is the one responsible for the BEAUTIFUL new look on the website, among many other projects. I hope you all appreciate her work like I do! Sam is my delivery driver and is in his senior year of high school. He’s really enjoying going from store to store with deliveries. He tells all of his friends about this great job he has, where he makes his own schedule and can sleep as late as he wants, drives around listening to music and actually gets paid for it! I also have a new sales representative and loyal customer, Michelle, who will be helping me expand my stores and reach into the northern suburbs. Look for us!

One of SCB's Open Air Market Events

Our online steady customers continue to love our products and tell all their friends. I get new people placing orders each week, and I’m getting people from all over the country and the world looking at my website and online store. I have this cool app call Chatra that not only gives me the ability to chat with people on my site, but also tells me where they’re from.​​

The money is starting to build and I now can make sure my rent and ingredients are paid for. Like they say, “Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” God has a plan and He wants me to keep going, so you’ll see me out there, following every lead and helping all that I can! You’re all on this journey with me, so I appreciate your loyalty.

Upcoming Events: We are working on being at some of the May Fruitful Yield demos for Mother’s Day, so I’ll be letting you all know where we’ll be. We are also participating in the Wounded Warrior Project Root to Rise Yoga event on June 30th in Millennium Park in Chicago. Our products may start showing up at places near you, so look for our logo and Treat Yourself Well!

Thank You!


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